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A train hopping trip

A long awaited trip

Recently I finally got the chance to go on a trip I have always wanted. Hopping only on trains across different european cities with no hotels or hostels needed. Only sleeper trains. And what an experience it was!

I have had this trip in mind since I was in college in Egypt. The trip would be only using trains. No flights involved and no hotels. Utilizing sleeping trains at night and roaming around cities either on foot or with trains with nice scenery in the mornings. Yet, when I was in college I was too busy and I could not afford such a trip anyways as a college student. Now that I’m older, with a bit more resources, and that I live in Europe, I thought it’s a good time to finally put the plan to action. And there is no mind in treating myself with 1st class seets and sleeper compartments for extra comfort since the budget allows it.

I planned the trip to go through 6 countries. I live in Berlin from where I shall start. The plan goes as:

Berlin              --> Amsterdam 
Amsterdam           --> Bruxelles 
Bruxells Central    --> Paris 
Paris Austerlitz    --> Nice Ville
Nice Ville          --> Ventimiglia
Ventimiglia         --> Genova
Genova              --> Rome
Rome                --> Venice Santa Lucia
Venice              --> Milano
Milano              --> Zürich
Zürich              --> Hannover
Hannover            --> Back to Berlin